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The real cost of a suspended driver’s license

It should come as no surprise that the initial cost associated with a suspended driver’s license can be substantial. However, when considering the big picture, the actual cost may be quite a bit more than you are prepared to handle.

As with any traffic ticket, there is an obvious upfront cost for any charge that results in a suspended driver’s license. Depending on the circumstances, the initial traffic stop and ticket may be as high as several hundred dollars. Unfortunately, these expenses are only court-related costs based on the offense. Beyond that, there are many other costs associated with the reapplication and license reinstatement process that you may not be aware of.

While reinstatement fees vary from state to state, they all generally reflect the severity of the offense that resulted in the license suspension. When a driver’s license is suspended for a DUI charge, the reinstatement fee can be quite a bit higher, even double that of minor offenses. After reinstatement for a DUI, drivers will likely have to carry SR-22 coverage in addition to their standard car insurance. This certificate essentially labels drivers as high risk and typically results in much higher insurance premiums.

In the event a driver is court ordered to take alcohol and drug education classes, the cost of doing so is typically the responsibility of the driver. These courses, as well as other defensive driving courses, can be costly and may add to the mounting financial obligation that results from a license suspension.

There are many other costs that drivers may face after a license suspension. The cost of an interlock device, other fines and penalties, and license reapplication fees may apply. Drivers that have received a DUI and are facing these expenses may benefit by working with a DUI defense attorney. With their help, some of these costs may be greatly reduced or even eliminated.



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