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Will my  insurance know I got a DUI?

Drunk-driving related charges come with serious consequences. While most cases are not felonies, many convictions have the potential to haunt you for a number of years and cost you in lost opportunities. But do they cost you in other ways? For instance, will insurance rates go up and how will insurance even know you have this on your record if they are not routinely running your license?

After a DUI in Florida, if you ever want to get back your driver’s license, you must obtain an SR-22. The SR-22 serves to demonstrate the fact that you carry liability insurance. Your insurance provider has to issue you the SR-22, hence, they will definitely be given a head’s up to your shiny new record.

However, in some cases, if your record was clean prior to this event, your rates may not spike dramatically. You will likely be considered a higher risk driver but with a first offense, this may not be a huge financial burden.

Different car insurance companies treat alcohol-related driving convictions differently. Some insurance companies raise the rate. Others may refuse to carry you and will not cooperate with the SR-22 and will drop you. At that point, you will need to shop for another company to insure you. Keep in mind, if your life insurance and auto insurance are with the same company, you may just see your premiums there affected as well.

If you are charged with a DUI, it may pay to take the time to scout out a qualified attorney who is familiar with the local courts in Florida and who is well-versed in DUI criminal defense. It could make the difference in your future premiums, your license reinstatement and your overall record.



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