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Possible defenses for Florida drug charges

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2017 | Drug Crimes

Drug charges are serious. A conviction can lead to three years to life in prison, and charges alone are enough to ruin your employment and family relationships. Guilty or not, you deserve fair and lawful treatment from all involved in the justice system.

If you face any type of drug charge, you can work with a lawyer on a strong defense to reduce or eliminate the charges and legal consequences.

Illegal search and seizure

Generally speaking, the police must have a warrant to search you, your house, your vehicle or any other belonging. The warrant must state probable cause for the search, and the police must follow all laws on obtaining, issuing and executing a search warrant. Otherwise, the search may have been illegal, allowing your attorney to motion for a suppression of the seized evidence.

Unreliable informant

Perhaps law enforcement relied on the tips of an informant, but was that person’s information reliable? Did the informant (or any government agent) engage in entrapment, convincing you to commit a crime you may not have committed with the goal of your arrest? This can be difficult to prove but may apply to your case.

Denial of ownership

It is the prosecution’s job to build a solid case against you. Depending on the circumstances, that may include proving that any drugs in your possession belong to you and not to anyone else involved. Your attorney may be able to cast reasonable doubt on your ownership to weaken the prosecution’s case. Going the route of accusing someone of planting the drugs is more challenging and less likely to benefit you unless you can clearly prove its truth.

In addition to these defenses, you may get fortunate with a mistake from the prosecution. They must request crime lab analysis to confirm the substance is a drug and ensure the evidence makes it to court. Talk to your lawyer for the strongest ways to fight drug charges in Florida under your situation.



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