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Can a DUI impact medical licenses?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2019 | DUI

Despite intense campaigns, many people around Florida still choose to drink and drive. One Florida resident, who works for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, faced arrest after ramming his car into five other vehicles while intoxicated. 

Getting a DUI can impact your professional life, whether you work for Fire Rescue or work as an RN. Many people require a license to do their jobs, and in some cases, you can lose that license after a DUI arrest. Nurses, doctors and other medical professionals may not be able to work in our state after a DUI, so that is one more reason to never get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. 

You need to report the incident promptly

The Board of Nursing in Florida handles incidents related to nursing licenses. They oversee applications and review complaints. This is the board you need to report to right away after a DUI conviction. You do not necessarily have to report the initial arrest to the board, but members may hear about the incident regardless. You have 30 days after the conviction to bring this to the attention of the board. You will also need to update your online profile during this time. 

Nursing boards for any state take DUI convictions seriously. As a nurse, you want to represent the best of the hospital at all times. The board may revoke your license permanently. It is also possible they will suspend your license for a set amount of time. The board will investigate the incident to determine the best course of action. 

You may receive other sanctions

It is possible the board will allow you to continue working in Florida as a nurse, but you have to go through some punishment. Occasionally, the board will require you to pay a fine. You may also have to contend with mandatory counseling, random alcohol testing or getting a “Letter of Concern” in your professional file.