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What you should never say to a police officer when being pulled over

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | DUI

We all know why drinking and then driving is intolerable. The odds of getting into an accident and killing someone while driving under the influence are high. Police are often on patrol seeking tipsy operators so our roads can remain safe.

Even if you are not partaking in alcohol or other drugs, an officer may pull you over. When this happens, you need to be mindful of what you say. The wrong phrase can trigger severe legal difficulties. If an officer takes you in, you will have to hire a criminal defense attorney to prove your innocence.

“I only had two drinks.”

Police hear this tacit admission all the time. It does not sway them. Authorities know that drunk drivers usually downplay their amount of consumption. Remember that honesty is the best policy. Be upfront about your intoxication level.

“I know my rights.”

Your familiarity with the law is irrelevant to an arresting officer. Saying this will only make the questioning individual feel you are giving attitude. Instead, exercise your privilege to remain silent.

“I know a powerful lawyer.”

No matter your connections, officers must enforce our rules and regulations. Even judges are subject to arrest for noncompliant behavior. Police who are not respectful of their duty to uphold the laws of the land may face discipline. Do not believe the threat of litigation changes the actions of law enforcement.

Every time an officer speaks with you, remain respectful and polite. Show deference to authority figures, and the odds are better that your lack of guilt will come out.