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Can a DUI get you expelled from college?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Blog, DUI

If you are a college student arrested due to DUI crimes, how much should you worry about a conviction? Does a conviction have the potential to seriously affect your future, especially as a college student?

The answer may surprise you. While the consequences may not come in the form you expect, they do still exist.

When do expulsions happen?

The College Investor discusses the potential of getting expelled after a DUI conviction. Generally speaking, if you are already enrolled in a college, the chance of expulsion is not very high. This is often reserved for cases in which the DUI led to extensive property damage, bodily harm of other students or other individuals, or the death of another person.

But just because expulsion is not on the table, that does not mean that a student with a DUI on record will not face any action from the school. Many of the penalties faced come in the form of financial repercussions, such as the revocation of financial support, including awards and scholarships.

Barred from campus housing

A college may also bar you from using on-campus housing. This may force you to use off-campus housing, which often grows prohibitively expensive, especially in larger cities where many colleges exist. Especially when combined with the above loss of financial support, this can price you out of attendance easily.

Know that there is no way to evade the possibility of these consequences, either. Though some may think they can get around it by simply not telling their college, the police will report any arrest or conviction to the college board regardless.



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