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Will having an ignition interlock device help you?

One of the biggest challenges of a DUI charge in Florida is its impact on your driving privileges. Despite having other options such as public transportation, ridesharing services or even your family and friends, doing what you can to maintain your driving privileges is the most desirable outcome.

An ignition interlock device can help you maintain your licensure if you meet the eligibility requirements for having one.

Avoid more trouble

A first-time DUI offense in Florida can have numerous consequences including a costly fine, up to 50 hours of community service and a suspended driver’s license. Subsequent DUIs can rack up more serious repercussions including mandatory jail time. Even worse, if your actions have a fatal outcome, you could face a lifetime of guilt knowing that someone else suffered death because of you.

An ignition interlock device can help you prevent another DUI. According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, only certified providers have jurisdiction to complete the installation of the device. Once installed, you will need to blow into the device each time you plan to drive somewhere. It will register a BAC reading. If the results meet stringent requirements, your vehicle will power on.

Stay on track

Being unable to drive could impact your ability to get to work. It could prevent you from meeting obligations in your personal life. An ignition interlock device enables you to stay on track. You can continue living your life normally and not have to deal with the frustration of having no license. So long as you comply with the rules, you will eventually be able to remove the device.

Even though it may seem a nuisance at first, an ignition interlock device actually has a lot of benefits. Looking for ways it can improve your experience may give you a different perspective and provide an incentive to improve your driving habits.



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