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Why are DUI convictions particularly problematic for students?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | DUI

DUI convictions can seriously alter anyone’s life in a negative way. Unfortunately, students have an even higher level of susceptibility to these problems.

How do the effects of DUI convictions manifest for students in particular? What are the difficulties they face?

Financial hurdles DUI convicts face

According to The College Investor, DUI convictions pose a major problem for students in particular. The first potential hurdle they face has to do with their financial support.

A college will likely not expel a student for a DUI-related crime unless it involves bodily harm, death or minors. However, colleges can and often do revoke their financial support if they gave it. This can include scholarships, scholastic gifts and more.

Other, independent organizations that hand out scholarships likely have terms of use and service which include stipulations for criminal records. Many of these organizations will likely revoke their support, too.

Loss of easy access to campuses

On top of that, a college can deny a student access to on-campus housing, leaving the student having to pay for off-campus housing. These costs combined and the lack of financial support may price a student out of attendance.

Students will also have to worry about figuring out their transportation situation. They may have to rely on public transportation such as city buses in order to get to and from their apartment and college.

Speaking of transportation, this can get in the way of a student’s ability to work or get internships, too. This may further damage their ability to financially support themselves, or damage their ability to get into their field of choice in the future.