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How do you safely leave a sobriety checkpoint?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | DUI

Sobriety checkpoints are frequent occurrences, especially along busy streets and the highway. However, many people do not want to engage with them.

Are there ways to safely disengage from a sobriety checkpoint? Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Abiding by the law

LifeSafer discusses how to safely exit before entering a sobriety checkpoint. First, keep in mind that any move made must happen within the legal parameters of driving.

In other words, when avoiding a sobriety checkpoint, a driver cannot cross solid lines, cut off other drivers, speed, drive aggressively, make illegal turns or U-turns and more.

They should also not engage in other forms of law-breaking. For example, if a driver has expired plate tags or a broken tail light, an officer can pull them over for these things even if they avoid the actual sobriety stop.

Keep any potential law-breaking in mind

Keep in mind as well that a police officer must give notice in advance that drivers are about to enter a sobriety checkpoint. This is due to the fact that officers may pull people over without having reasonable doubt first when drivers enter the sobriety checkpoint area, unlike any other time.

Some people fear police abusing the power that these checkpoints give them. Marginalized groups especially tend to have bad experiences with sobriety checkpoints.

For these and other reasons, drivers may want to avoid them. Keep an eye out as some states also require officers to give alternative routes to drivers wanting to avoid the DUI checkpoint. Even without that, it is perfectly legal to make a new alternative route as long as it abides by the law.



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