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Steep costs associated with Florida ignition interlock devices

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2024 | DUI

Among fines, community service and loss of license, some DUI offenders in Florida will be required to install what’s known as an ignition interlock device on any vehicle they wish to drive. Unfortunately, high maintenance costs and fees come associated with the condition.

What is an ignition interlock device?

An ignition interlock device, or IID as it’s known, is an apparatus that typically attaches to the dashboard of a motor vehicle and requires that the driver breathe into the mechanism before operating the car. If the car detects the driver’s alcohol breath content at a level higher than the programmed breath-alcohol concentration rate allowed (typically 0.05), the vehicle engine will not start.

To stop others from breathing into the machine prior to operating the vehicle or preventing the driver from drinking alcohol once inside the car, the IID will require the driver to exhale into the mechanism once again. Typically, an alarm will sound until the vehicle is turned off if the driver fails to provide the sample or exceeds the programmed breath content rate while the vehicle is in motion.

IID requirements in Florida

Many states, like Florida, have IID requirements. Specifically, Florida statute 316.193 is the law that spells forth this obligation and dictates: “individuals convicted of DUI who are eligible for a restricted drivers’ license must have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle.” A letter “P” will be indicated on the Florida license of all drivers that are mandated to install the IID.


  • Under Florida law, the offender has the burden of paying for the IID. Depending on the length of time the device is installed, the total amount could be hundreds of dollars. Typically an offender will pay:
  • $12 for the IID fee
  • $75 to have the IID installed
  • $72.50 for a monthly monitoring fee
  • $100 refundable deposit or $5 monthly IID insurance


The timeframes for an ignition interlock device vary but, for some drivers, it can be up to 5 years. Specifically:

  • For first time DUI convictions: A 6 month IID installation is required if the driver’s BAC (blood alcohol content) is 0.15 or above, or a minor was in the vehicle at the time of the arrest.
  • For second DUI convictions: A 1 year minimum IID installation is required and 2 years if the BAC was 0.15 or above, or a minor was in the vehicle at the time of the arrest.
  • For third DUI convictions: A minimum 2 year IID installation is required.
  • For four or more DUI convictions: A minimum IID installation of 5 years is required.

Due to the strict penalties associated, if you are facing a DUI charge, even if it’s your first offense, consulting with an experienced Florida DUI attorney is advised. Your attorney can help mitigate the consequences you face under Florida’s stringent laws.