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Pain Clinics and Prescription Drugs

Over the past few years, Florida Drug Enforcement has cracked down on prescription drug abuse and the pain clinics who provide illegal drugs. Around four years ago, FL was in the middle of a terrible prescription drug crisis. 90 of the nation’s top 100 Oxycodone purchasing doctors and 53 of the nation’s top 100 Oxycodone purchasing pharmacies were located in the Sunshine State. In recent years, the number of doctors providing illegal drugs has been reduced by 85% and the number of pharmacies has declined by 64%. In addition, the number of pain clinics has declined from 800 to less than 500 in the state.

With the way the state is coming down hard on clinics and users, being arrested for illegal possession of pharmaceutical drugs is a very serious matter. Being caught with just one pill can get you in handcuffs. As you read above, Florida prosecutes drug cases to the fullest extent of the law. It doesn’t matter how minor you may believe your crime is.

There is some positive news if you have been arrested for illegal possession of prescription drugs. Your defense attorney has many options in properly defending you against this charge. Everything from finding out if the police properly conducted the search and seizure, to possibly even entrapping you. Minor errors in police work can be used to build your defense and minimize the penalties you may be facing. Your defense lawyer can also lessen the potential negative impact of a conviction by suggesting drug counseling as an option to the court. This especially helps with first time offenders.



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