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County Commission Wants to See New Sex Offender Registry Rules

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2012 | Sex Crimes

A Florida county recently voted to ask its county attorney to draft new, more restrictive regulations concerning registered sex offenders. While the Lake County attorney will draft ordinances for the commission, she warned them that legal challenges could arise.

The commission’s vote appeared to be a reaction to a housing company’s suggestion that the county could be the right place for a sex-offender neighborhood. Such a development would house registered sex offenders away from places they are not allowed to be near, in addition to providing them with services.

Requirements for Registered Florida Sex Offenders

Registered sex offenders in Florida face numerous requirements, including following a strict registration schedule. Depending on the status and designation of the sex offender, he or she may be prohibited from working or volunteering with children. Some registered Florida sex offenders are not allowed to live near schools or parks. Their ability to secure employment can be negatively affected. Registered offenders risk serious legal consequences if they fail to adhere to the rules.

The Lake County Commission’s new regulations could include restrictions on registered sex offenders’ rights to live in certain neighborhoods, use libraries and enter parks.

Protecting Rights During Plea Negotiations

People accused of Florida sex offenses face an uphill battle, both in terms of their legal futures and the public’s perception of them. A defendant accused of a sex crime may feel vindicated, therefore, upon being offered a plea deal that reduces or eliminates prison time.

It is important in such a scenario to work with an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney. While navigating around the possibility of prison time is important to any person accused of a crime, alleged sex offenders have an additional concern: the sex offender registry. Avoiding the Florida sex offender registry’s significant restrictions on certain rights should be at the top of any accused person’s mind.