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Too many Points on your license?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2013 | Criminal Law

Too many points on your license? Is your insurance rate crazy? Is your driver’s license suspended due to points or a habitual traffic offender issue?

At the Law Office of Corey Cohen we can help remove points off your driving record. We can do it even for old tickets you have already paid. This can save you thousands of dollars in insurance premiums and we can get your license back if suspended for points or because you have been classified as an habitual traffic offender.

In the State of Florida if you receive too many points because of tickets or if you receive 3 driving while license suspended or revoked tickets and pay them within a 5 year period. Many times we can go back in front of the Judge and get the points off and get the tickets reversed.

The most important situation where someone needs to get the points off it when you have the 5 year habitual suspension for paying a ticket for a suspended license. No one tells you that by paying the ticket you could get the 5 year suspension and under law no one is required to inform you of this consequence. If you receive a letter from the DHSMV that you are facing a 5 year habitual suspension or if you are already under a habitual status we can help. I have helped many people in Central Florida reverse the habitual suspension and get their drivers license back.

Too many points on your license can be a real pain.   If you have had points accessed against your driver’s license it is worth talking to an attorney about getting the points removed. Call my office for a free and confidential consultation with an attorney.



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