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‘Bar Fights’ start from nothing and lead to something

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2014 | Criminal Law

It’s amazing how quickly a night out for drinks can turn ugly. 

Case in point:

One of the stars from ABC’s hit show ‘Scandal’ finds himself in serious legal trouble. The actor, Columbus Short, had a run-in at a bar that left a gentleman unconscious with a broken nose and a trip to the hospital.

It’s being reported that the unidentified man made a nasty comment directed towards Short’s wife and that led to all hell breaking loose. 

Too much alcohol, some disparaging remarks and short tempers start fights, and can have you ending up in a legal nightmare. 

Some people think they will never be caught in such a situation, or even if they were, they don’t believe a bar fight is that “big of a deal”. Think again. Battery in the state of Florida is pretty big deal, as it can lead to thousands in fines and time in prison.

The sooner you find legal representation in a matter like this, the better your chances of avoiding prison time.

We can speak to witnesses about the event. You’d be surprised at the different opinions people might have after seeing the incident. Our law firm can hire a skilled investigator to speak to the witnesses. It can also help your case if the bar or nightclub has a surveillance video from the night in question. Proof of your innocence on video trumps any inaccurate charges.

These are all ways to make sure justice is on your side. Afterall in a worst case scenario, weeks of anger management courses are a lot better than being incarcerated for months.