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Sex Crimes Before Entrapment

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2014 | Sex Crimes

When dealing with sex crimes, how can we get more young men to join the police force? If other states adopt Hawaii’s “hang loose” attitude when it comes to prostitution stings, you can expect every high school kid wanting to grow up to become an undercover cop.

Police officers from the Aloha State are fighting to keep a state law that allows them the ability to have sex with prostitutes that they are busting. Yes, that is correct. Feel free to re-read that, because it is mind-boggling.

Law enforcement’s side of the story is that they believe if they are no longer authorized to engage in sexual activity with the prostitutes, then they’re convinced that they won’t be able to make as many arrests. Plus, if the law goes away, a prostitute can demand that the sex act occur before the money is exchanged.

This is an extremely unfair practice towards prostitutes. Imagine: a man has sex with a woman, she then accepts his money, and then reveals himself to be a police officer. A cop ends up having his way with the prostitute and is also able to make the arrest.

This is the legal version of “having your cake and eating it too!”

It’s too controversial of a law to not end up being abolished. Hawaiian law makers in the state house are currently being pushed to say “aloha” (goodbye and not hello) to it.

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