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Ways to solve a Domestic Violence case

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2014 | Domestic Violence

He said, she said. If only it were that simple. Being charged with domestic violence can come as a real shock. It is crucial that you understand what is ahead of you. The likely or possible consequences of a conviction are startling.

– Up to a year in jail and/or a year of probation.

– Losing your right to possess a firearm.

– Paying for a 26 week long anger management course.

– Not being able to contact the victim, or possibly even your children.

– You will be barred from having your criminal record sealed/expunged. This will result in a permanent criminal record.

Reading this up until now you may think all hope is lost. Think again. Our law firm can help you right the ship. 

Obviously, if the alleged victim drops charges it makes our defense easier. One way to do this is by having us contact the accuser and bring up this scenario. Frequently, the state is less likely to file charges if this outcome can be reached.

We can also hire an investigator to go over every aspect of this incident. It helps that many domestic violence cases lack credible evidence. Kind of goes back to the old “he said, she said”.

A misunderstanding. An argument that got out of hand. Two people who once cared deeply about one another are now emotional lost. Many of us have experienced this in some form or another, even if it doesn’t become “domestic violence”. We hope it never reaches that boiling point, but if it ever does, our law firm will help you navigate through these stormy seas.  



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