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Gang fight leads to major arrest

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2014 | Criminal Law

Sometimes a serious of events can lead to unexpected results.

A gang fight in downtown Orlando has led to the arrest of a convicted sex offender with a stolen pistol connected to a gun shop burglary back in September. 

The burglary took place in Altamonte Springs, when a group of thieves broke into the back entrance of an Army-Navy store. 58 guns were stolen and one of those missing guns, a Smith & Wesson, was used during the gang shoot out months later in downtown Orlando. 

Needless to say that this man is in a heep of legal trouble. He will need an attorney who tackles these charges head-on, no matter what the facts of the case are or what the circumstances surrounding the crimes were. 

A defense attorney‘s best course of action, in this case, would be to try and find a way to get the charges reduced. This man is already an ex-con with a sorded sexual criminal past. Adding stolen weapons and a shoot out in the street only complicates his defense.

Despite all of this, his lawyer will have to put his best foot forward and represent his clearly guilty client to the best of his abilities. 



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