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Paranoia over Driving with a Suspended License

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2014 | Drivers License Suspension And Revocation

It’s one of the most nerve-wracking life experiences. Seeing a police car pull up behind you, flashing their lights, blasting the siren. Even if you know you’ve done nothing illegal, you still feel like a criminal. 

So just imagine for a moment that you are pulled over and your license is suspended. 

I’ve heard countless tales from drivers who freak out over the idea that one early morning or late night they will be caught by the authorities for driving with a suspended license.

But how did it ever come to this?

The amazing thing is that under FL law your license can be suspended for a number of different reasons. They run the gamet of DUI, drug possession, missing a court date and even failure to pay child support! 

Now you combine this legal problem with being caught illegally driving and you have a very serious situation on your hands.

If the police catch you driving with a suspended license you could be looking at 60 days in jail for the first offense. On a second offense you can go to prison for up to a year. A third conviction in less than five years and it can be charged as a felony. Which means mandatory prison time, lifetime status as a convicted felon and your drivers license suspended for as long as five years.

So what can our law firm do for you? We can defend you vigorously against the criminal charge of driving with a suspended license. We will investigate the actual arrest, making sure the police had a proper reason to stop you in the first place.

Our goal is to fight for your driving rights and make sure you get your license back. No need to feel paranoid every time a cop pulls up behind your car.