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Shoplifting is never above the law

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2014 | Shoplifting

Even cops get sticky fingers.

An NJ state trooper has been fined for shoplifting gun supplies out of a recreation store in Pennsylvania. The trooper will have to pay a $150 fine plus court costs. The trooper must also pay $100 to attend a rehabilitation class devoted to shoplifting. 

Besides the embarrassment of being caught, the trooper has also been banned for life from entering the store. 

He tried to get out of all of this by asking the police for some “professional courtesy”. Yeah, that didn’t exactly work out.

In the state of Florida, shoplifting laws are pretty clear cut. That’s why our law firm has to know every single detail of the alleged crime. 

Were there any camera recordings of the “criminal” event? Did store employees see what happened? Did you leave the store with merchandise by accident? Do you have a history of committing this crime? Do you suffer from any type of medical condition that might make you do something like this?

Maybe the truth turns out to slightly embarrass you, but perhaps it can also save you fines, court costs and even jail time.



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