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Man bites, the law bites back

They say that the dating scene can be weird. Especially when it turns into a crime scene.

A man in Orlando was arrested the other day after police said he bit his date on the shoulder. Why would he do something this crazy? He told police because other men were paying attention to her.

This took place early Sunday morning, when a police officer heard the door to another vehicle being slammed shut and some loud noises. The officer then reported hearing loud screams from a female.

The police officer approached the vehicle and opened the door to find a man holding a woman with both arms. He’d hit the woman on the top of her head and bit her on her right shoulder.

The man was charged with battery and false imprisonment. How does a defense attorney even begin to tackle something this odd? Whatever argument this couple had that led to this insanity may not have seemed like a big deal, but the potential criminal penalties for his actions can be extremely serious. 

At the very minimum, if he is convicted for this crime he might be required to attend a lengthy anger management class. These aren’t cheap courses; they can be very expensive and time-consuming. Even with a previously clean criminal record, his potential conviction might carry a mandatory jail sentence. 

While I don’t think many couples will be caught in this exact situation, it is important to know that even the most simplest arguments can get out of hand. It’s better to say you are “sorry”, rather than having to later say “I’m going to need an attorney”.



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