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Reckless Driving lawmaker

On Behalf of | May 11, 2014 | Reckless Driving

When you hear the term “reckless driving” it conjures up images of people driving their cars without much concern for their surroundings. It can be much more detailed than that. A Florida lawmaker recognizes this now.

FL state Rep. Dane Eagle, a republican from Cape Coral, admitted to reckless driving but denied being drunk when he was arrested for driving under the influence last month in Tallahassee. He was seen by police driving erratically during the early morning of April 21, but when he was pulled over he claimed he was just “overly exhausted” and in need of food. Eagle refused a roadside sobriety test, telling the officer he was “good to get home,” before being arrested.

Whether he was drunk or not remains to be seen, but he certainly was operating his vehicle erratically enough for the police to notice. Was it “careless driving”? Not according to the authorities. Careless Driving is a civil offense in Florida, while Reckless Driving is a criminal charge. Speeding is usually the most common reason why cops pull over drivers when it comes to reckless driving. However, weaving across lanes and cutting off drivers aggressively can lead to a reckless driving charge.

If you plead guilty to a reckless driving charge, you will have a criminal record and negative information on your Department of Motor Vehicles history. Adding to the fact that your car insurance rate could increase, and you could be without a driver’s license for a period of time up to a year. That’s why it is important you hire an attorney to fight the charge.