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Arrests for smoke bombs

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2014 | Criminal Law

Arrests at soccer games are quite common and some Orlando soccer fans have just learned this. They were arrested in Tampa last weekend for setting off “smoke bombs”.

Four people were arrested and almost 20 others were kicked out after a violent incident at the game. Police and firefighters were called to the stadium after a reports of fighting and a fire in the stands during the game. Police said problems began when two busloads of fans of the visiting team, from Orlando, arrived at the stadium. Officials believe many of those fans were heavily intoxicated. Arguments and fights with the Tampa fans followed and then smoke bombs were set off in the stands. 

Being arrested for “Disorderly Conduct” might not seem like anything serious, but in the state of Florida it’s classified as a second degree misdemeanor, which carries penalties of up to sixty days in jail and a $500 fine. It’s a charge that isn’t exactly set in stone. How does one define disorderly conduct? Usually it involves verbal actions that leads to physical confrontation. You see this all the time in bars, sporting events and in many other environments. 



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