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Gun Law Violations

While it seems like gun laws are pretty lax in this country, you still can get into major legal trouble if you violate the law. Florida might not be as strict as New York regarding gun laws, but there are plenty of violations that can occur.

In Florida, using firearms during a felony can land you a mandatory sentence of ten years in prison. That sentence can’t be suspended or reduced. In some instances, use of firearms during a felony in which someone is harmed can turn into a mandatory life sentence. Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit is a first degree misdemeanor offense. If you are a convicted felon you cannot possession any firearm or carry a concealed weapon unless your civil rights have been restored. The laws are also strict about selling, giving, bartering, loaning or transferring firearms.

Some citizens are arrested for using a gun while hunting illegally. Except during certain hunting seasons that are established by law, it’s illegal to carry firearms within the limits of a ‘normal hunting” area. People who have obtained a special permit by county commissioners, or if they are traveling on a state road while the firearm is securely locked within a vehicle, are exempt from punishment.

And it should be common knowledge to understand that you can’t exhibit a firearm in a careless or threatening manner, yet plenty of people are arrested everyday for such actions. Know and understand the gun laws, and if needed, contact an attorney to advise you in case you are arrested. 



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