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Local Man Arrested For Molesting Teens

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2014 | Sex Crimes

Crazy things can happen when you are on vacation or are just looking to kick back and enjoy the summer weather. Two days ago over in Lake Buena Vista,

a man swimming in the wave pool at Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon water park was arrested for allegedly molesting four teenage girls. One teen told Disney employees that the man swam up and “touched her butt” as she was exiting the wave pool. Another victim said the same man rubbed her upper leg area. There was a witness there who claims he saw the man touch and harass the young girls. The witness said he then watched the man in a verbal altercation with two females. While deputies and Typhoon Lagoon security interviewed the man, two other females said the same man had inappropriately touched them in the wave pool as well. They provided the same description as the other victims.

The suspect was charged with two counts of battery and one count of lewd and lascivious molestation of victims under 18 years old. He was booked into the Orange County Jail, but was released after posting $1,000 bond. His defense lawyer can claim that these teens girls made up the story or were all in on it to get the man in trouble. Might be a tough sell, but some defense must be thrown out there since he could be facing jail time. The battery charge is a serious matter, but the one that could really damage him is the lewd and lascivious molestation charge. Especially since all four girls are under 18. That is classified as a Third Degree Felony. It’s assigned as a Level 6 offense severity ranking under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code. If convicted, that could land him up to 15 years in prison and on a sex offender’s list.