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Sexual Battery Case

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2014 | Sex Crimes

Deputies in Winter Park, FL, have released a composite sketch of a man they believe to be connected to a recent sexual attack of a local woman. The police will be looking for a man who has similar features to the alleged rapist, and he will be facing very serious sexual battery charges. 

The victim answered the door to her apartment when the man forced his way inside the residence and sexually attacked her while using a weapon. She was taken to the hospital for her injuries. Investigators say they don’t believe the woman and the man know each other and that the attack appears to be a random act; although the suspect may have a history of sexual violence.

Florida law states that “sexual battery” can include several sex-related crimes; such as rape, indecent assault, and sodomy. It’s still not exactly clear why this man allegedly raped this woman. In a sexual battery case, the prosecution must show that the defendant engaged in some sort of oral, vaginal, or anal penetration of the victim. 

Now, in this case, it will be difficult to provide a defense that the victim gave consent to the man. The punishment for sexual battery depends on the ages of the victim and the defendant. The weapons used, as well as the injuries suffered by the victim, well play a factor in his sentencing. With a sketch out and the police on the hunt, this man will need a defense attorney now to start the process of proving his innocence.



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