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Defense against Vehicular Homicide

Drivers think that the worst thing that could ever happen to them and their driving record is a DUI. And while that is an unpleasant experience, there is still something more nightmarish out there that tops a DUI. 

The city of Orlando has been mockingly called “the capital of crosswalk accidents”. If you are ever downtown, check out how people walk the streets without ever paying attention to crosswalk signals and watch how many drivers don’t care if there are people walking who have the right of way. It’s this kind of madness that leads to hit and runs and vehicular homicide.

The charge of Vehicular Homicide is a pretty simple offense. It’s the killing of a person caused by reckless driver of a motor vehicle. It’s also referred to as “vehicular manslaughter”. What isn’t so simple is how the incident occurred. The number of joggers and bicyclists hit and killed by cars in America every year is quite staggering. The driver can be punished for their crime as a first or second degree felony, depending on the facts of the case. A defense lawyer will make sure to find out that their client did everything properly while driving the vehicle. As tragic as it may sound, many times it is the murdered victim who made the error by walking or running or biking when the crosswalk light clearly told them not to. 

No one wants to go through this ordeal, but if you were driving your car sober and didn’t commit any driving errors (ex: driving through a stop sign or running a red light, etc.), then you have a very good chance at avoiding jail time and the loss of your driving privileges. 



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