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Domestic abuser or victim of false allegations?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2014 | Domestic Violence

With domestic abuse cases all over the news right now, it is important to understand the issue. Many women are caught in abuses relationships with husbands, boyfriends, etc. But as a defense attorney it is crucial to remember that not every “domestic abuse” case is the same. False allegations against a male defendant can occur from time to time.

The legal consequences of a domestic violence conviction are horrific. It can include a hefty jail sentence, along with the loss of your rights to own a firearm, to enter your own home and even to see your children. But what if your spouse or partner has wrongfully accused you of domestic violence? Aside from the clear-cut cases where the women have been physically abused, it can be a tricky situation.

Without physical evidence, these cases become the classic example of “he said, she said”. Just about every couple goes through a serious verbal arguments. When does that verbal spat turn into an act of violence? Because law enforcement used to seem oblivious for years about domestic violence, they now can go overboard at times. Prosecutors are going “all in” on alleged domestic abusers. Since the majority of domestic violence cases contain very little evidence, with the help of skilled defense attorney, you can fight back against these charges. A defense strategy should focus in on any contradictory information in the victim’s tale of the events that led to the alleged altercation. Was this just another argument that went a little too far? Your lawyer should dig into any false statements given to the police officers, because the slightest crack in the victim’s statement could mean your freedom.



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