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The High Price for Shoplifting

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2014 | Shoplifting

When we think about the crime of shoplifting, we usually think about small inexpensive items being taken out from a store. But what happens when you are charged with shoplifting items that cost tens of thousands of dollars?

A former NBA player is currently facing this charge. Rex Chapman was arrested for allegedly shoplifting $14,000 worth of merchandise from an Apple store and then selling the items at a pawn shop. Scottsdale police took Mr. Chapman into custody Friday afternoon after officers stopped his vehicle. He’s being held on suspicion of nine counts of organized retail theft and five counts of trafficking in stolen property. Chapman is accused of using the store’s self-checkout, but instead he left without paying. Over a period of time, he allegedly shoplifted from the store at least seven times and sold the items for cash.

His potential punishment will be based on the amount ($14,000 worth) he stole. In FL, someone who committed a similar crime to Mr. Chapman’s would be looking at a Third Degree Felony. That is punishable up to five years in prison, plus a maximum fine of $5,000. A defense attorney has a few options in a case like this. One potential option that could help reduce, or even eliminate, the defendant’s prison time is being diagnosed with Kleptomania. While the judge might not take this “medical condition” as the sole reason why items were stolen, it is possible the defendant can get a lighter sentence as long as he or she gets court ordered counseling. 



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