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Hit and Run during tire change

On Behalf of | May 9, 2015 | Hit & Run

Hit and run crimes are very common in Florida. FL law enforcement believes that hit and runs are a growing problem and a solution must be found. Currently, if you drive drunk and hit and kill someone, you’ll get a minimum of four years in jail. But if you flee the scene, and law enforcement can’t prove you were drunk when the accident took place, then there is no minimum sentence.

Now FL lawmakers have worked on changing the flaws in the law. Under a newly proposed bill, offenders would get four years minimum for leaving the scene of an accident if you kill or seriously harm someone. You would lose your license for three years and need to take driving classes to get it back.

A hit and run accident in St. Cloud could test this potential new law.

A man changing his tire on westbound U.S. 192 was killed Thursday night when he was struck by a vehicle. According to witnesses, the vehicle then fled the scene rather quickly. Authorities said a description of the hit and run vehicle was not immediately available.

When this driver is caught, they will need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Unfortunately, when you are charged with hit and run, there aren’t many solid defenses.The best chance you have is to introduce reasonable doubt as to whether you in fact committed the hit and run in the first place. Perhaps you were never behind the wheel to begin with. But if the police have your license plate number, or information, footage of you driving, then this defense wont be too successful. If they are able to prove you were at the scene, and driving when the accident occurred, it might be time to start dealing.