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Read the fine print before you drink

Few events are more significant to a teenager than receiving your license. After the studying and hard work, all the driving hours and asking for rides, you finally get that little plastic card that gives you the right to operate a vehicle. As we get older, and our lifestyles change, that little plastic card turns into something else. For Florida residents, it becomes the consent they might not want to give.

Some Florida residents may still be unaware that there is fine print on the bottom of their license that reads, “Operator of a motor vehicle constitutes consent to any sobriety test required by law.” After all, it’s pretty tiny print, and not in every state. What does that mean for the everyday driver? Well, it means by accepting your license you’ve accepted its terms, one of them being consent to field sobriety tests including breathalyzers if asked.

While your license may read otherwise, many defense attorneys advise against providing a Breathalyzer sample. Without a Breathalyzer BAC on record, defense against a drunk driving charge may be easier, even in the event that it is your second or third stop, or if there has been an accident. When it comes to giving up damning evidence against you, think twice before being pressured into a Breathalyzer.

If you have been stopped for suspicion of drunk driving and refused a breath test in Florida, the next step may be to get the advice of a skilled defense attorney. With their knowledge and resources, your charges may be greatly reduced. For help understanding all your rights despite what is in the fine print, contact a trusted criminal defense attorney.



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