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A strong defense at your DMV hearing

Many drivers are reluctant to provide officers with a breath test during a DUI stop in fear that it will lead to a criminal conviction. While this may typically be the recommended course of action, refusing a breath test may result in an automatic one-year suspension of a driver’s license regardless of the outcome of the traffic stop. Fortunately, drivers facing a one-year suspension for breath test refusal are given a chance to defend their actions during a DMV hearing. By working with an experienced DUI defense attorney, these individuals may be able to work with the DMV toward license reinstatement.

Fighting your case against a driver’s license suspension may be difficult when facing an entity as large as the DMV. However, regardless of the case against you, there may be several different defenses that can be used to prevent a license suspension. Perhaps you didn’t fully understand implied consent laws. Or maybe the authorities did not have probable cause to make the traffic stop. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, working with an experienced DUI defense attorney can help you defend your rights against breath test refusal charges and a driver’s license suspension.

The days between the alleged traffic violation and your DMV hearing are some of the most important following a breath test refusal charge. Nobody wants to lose their driving privilege, and doing so may cost individuals their jobs. That is why it is crucial to work with an experienced DUI defense attorney that understands the importance of a driver’s license and is willing to fight for an individual’s right to keep it.

If you are facing an automatic one-year driver’s license suspension after a breath test refusal, you may benefit from speaking with an experienced defense attorney. With their help, you may be able to reduce or eliminate charges and keep your driver’s license.



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