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Drunk driving charges follow dunked car

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2016 | Breath Test Refusal

When you are navigating the roads at night, you are not always able to see with the ease you have during the day. Sometimes there are no streetlights, other times a car may not have its lights on, and sometimes people wear dark clothes and nothing reflective to catch your car’s lights and alert you to their proximity. Even still, lights from other sources when directly in your line of vision can make it difficult for you to see and provide moments of uncertainty and panic.

When law enforcement is not at the scene of an accident when it happens and it occurs in the middle of the night, they may often go to a theory that it was caused by the instigating driver being intoxicated.

Could this have been the case for a young man traveling in East Orange County earlier this month? Reports say the man somehow managed to slam into a car stopped at a red light. The impact subsequently sent the occupant and her car into a pond nearby. The driver was wearing her seatbelt and was trapped inside suffering from serious injuries as the car partially sunk into the water.

The man who ran into her car refused the breath test that was requested. He too was taken to the hospital with less severe injuries, according to reports.

In spite of the lack of apparent evidence, the man is facing life-altering charges of careless driving and driving under the influence. In light of a breath test refusal, charges sometimes happen based upon circumstantial evidence leaving a good opportunity to dispute and refute unsubstantiated claims. A criminal defense attorney in Florida may be able to help you put to rest such allegations and dismiss charges if you are ever in a similar situation. In cases such as this, it may be in your best interests to not rely on a court-appointed attorney and instead find one you trust, who will go to work for you and your rights.

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