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When a DWI becomes aggravated

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2016 | Blood Alcohol Tests

Alcohol-related driving charges are worrisome and carry negative outcomes that begin immediately. If you are convicted, things only get worse. You may see your criminal history cause hardship on your life in such ways as losing the potential to get a coveted job you have worked toward, not getting a credit application or home loan approved, not being approved to lease a property and seeing higher payments for insurance. But what happens when your alcohol-related charge is amplified? What if your charge of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated becomes a charge of aggravated DUI or DWI?

Many times when you receive an enhanced charge of aggravated DWI or DUI, you may face stiffer penalties, including lengthier jail time. There are a few different factors that can contribute to an aggravated DWI or DUI charge. They are:

  • Whether there were any minors in the vehicle.
  • Whether you have ever had any other alcohol-related driving charges and how long ago they took place.
  • Whether you were driving on a suspended or a revoked license to begin with.
  • Whether or not you were dangerously speeding.
  • What your blood alcohol concentration was.

If you were arrested on alcohol-related driving charges, and you are facing enhanced charges, lengthy jail time or stiffer penalties, you may benefit from speaking with a Florida DWI attorney.  An attorney can help you build a strong criminal defense if one is available and if not, figure out a way to potentially lessen the charges brought against you or the penalties placed upon you.