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Concerned that a loved one may be involved in drug activity?

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Anyone can get caught up in activities that are not good for them. In some cases, people could end up involved in illegal activity, such as participating in drug-related activity, that could result in their facing serious criminal charges. You may worry that your loved one is involved in such activity, but at the same time, you are not entirely sure.

For some reason, you feel a little uneasy about some of the activities that your loved one gets into. He or she may meet up with people at odd hours, have a lot of cash on hand, seem a little too secretive about certain behaviors or get defensive when you bring up your concerns. Still, you do not want to accuse him or her outright of being a drug dealer.

Does your loved one look like a drug dealer?

You want to do what you can to protect your loved one from negative repercussions, but you may also try to convince yourself that there is not really a problem. After all, your loved one does not dress in an unkempt manner, have odd piercings or various tattoos, so he or she couldn’t be a drug dealer, right? 

Of course, you likely know that those stereotypes usually fit the depictions of drug dealers on TV, and in reality, a person involved in drug-related activity could look like anyone from a stay-at-home mom to a businessperson. The same could go for the type of person that buys from a dealer. Your loved one may not hang out with seedy-looking individuals, but even an upstanding-looking college student could purchase an illegal substance.

What substances could a deal involve?

You may also tell yourself that your loved one is not involved in such activities because you never smelled marijuana or found any suspicious powders. However, if your loved one has a prescription for pain medication or even for a condition like ADD or ADHD, it is possible that he or she has sold those pills for cash. Pain medications can be addictive, and students use ADHD medication as study drugs on school campuses in Florida and across the country.

If more and more of your observations are telling you that your loved one is involved in something untoward, you may want to step in. However, you may not be able to before he or she faces criminal charges for drug distribution. If this happens, you may want to help by gaining information on defense options that may be useful to your loved one.



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