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Types of drug charges and their implications if convicted

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Criminal charges of any kind can have a significant negative impact on your future. While you are innocent in the eyes of the law, even the allegations of criminal activity can cause complications in many areas of your personal and professional life. If convicted, you could face penalties that result in time behind bars, fines, loss of reputation and other consequences.

This is particularly true for drug charges. These charges can vary in type and severity, but you would be wise to take your case seriously, no matter what you are up against. The process of defending yourself starts with an understanding of the specific charges you are facing and an explanation of how you can effectively confront the prosecution’s case. 

Possession or paraphernalia charges

Drug possession can be a serious charge, depending on the type of drug in question and your criminal history. In addition to the law prohibiting the possession of an illegal drug, the law also prohibits the possession of drug paraphernalia as well. If caught with a large amount of drugs, you could also face charges involving the intent to distribute or sell the drugs. 

Manufacturing drug charges

It is illegal to be involved in any part of the process of making an illegal drug. This means it is possible you could face criminal charges even if you are not in the possession of the final product but police find evidence of manufacturing or the components of an illicit drug. 

Dealing or trafficking charges

Dealing charges typically have a connection to cases involving the distribution of drugs on a small scale, such as small-time marijuana dealing. Trafficking charges are more serious, usually involving a large amount of drugs. This is a felony charge, and the penalties are significant. A conviction could range from a few years in prison to the rest of your life.

A strong defense starts now

Whether they are misdemeanor offenses or felony crimes, you would be wise to take any drug charges against you seriously. With the right help, you can effectively confront the prosecution’s case and fight to preserve your future interests.

The right defense approach depends on factors unique to your individual case, including your criminal history, the types of drugs involved with your case and more. An assessment with an experienced Florida defense attorney can help you see what steps may be necessary and how you can start working on your strategy as soon as possible.



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