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Siblings and Situations Related to Domestic Violence

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Domestic Violence, Uncategorized

Sadly, incidents associated with domestic violence occur often in Florida. Law enforcement may respond to a neighbor’s 911 call after the neighbor heard a violent argument escalate into physical violence. Upon arriving on the scene, the police offices may discover that the persons involved in the situation are siblings.

Domestic violence takes many forms and can involve all different people in a household. Abuse involving siblings may be surprising to some, but professionals involved with domestic abuse matters might realize this form of abuse occurs more regularly.

Research shows up to 60% of families experience some level of sibling abuse. Unfortunately, parents or guardians might not take these incidents seriously. Assuming that siblings fight or experience classical “sibling rivalry” may lead to such dismissals.

Parents may feel little concern about abuse, but that doesn’t mean abuse doesn’t occur. An older brother who feels jealousy towards a younger sister might become physically abusive. The younger sister then deals with the traumatic physical and emotional abuse.

Sexual abuse is another form of domestic violence takes. Sexual abuse could occur for years without anyone reporting it.

Often, domestic abuse occurs as a means of controlling someone in the household. One spouse using violence to control another or a parent employing violence to control a child is another reflect common examples. Siblings are not excluded from examples of domestic violence.

What if the domestic violence charges levied against a sibling are false? In such instances, a defense attorney could address inconsistencies and dubious statements to mount a potentially credible defense.

A domestic violence defense attorney might also advise a client of his or her rights, and explain the charges and possible ramifications. Clients frequently rely on criminal defense attorneys to help them navigate the justice system.