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Domestic violence and underlying substance use causation

Domestic violence is a priority prosecution crime for most court systems because it leaves many innocent family members in a state of vulnerability. Not only are spouses involved in most incidents, but children are also often caught in the middle when conditions are worst. And, domestic violence does not always necessitate physical force, as the emotional impact is also included as a form of abuse in many Florida cases.

Common factors in domestic violence

Substance abuse is a very common underlying theme in many domestic violence situations, and it can be both obvious and hidden depending on the type of substance involved. Many people will first consider drug use as the primary substance initiator of problems, but the truth is that alcohol is still the most prevalent of associated substances largely because legality makes it more available.

Domestic violence and illicit drugs

Domestic violence is actually a very broad category of unacceptable behavior toward spouses. More often than not, it happens between couples who have a romantic relationship, and many times it includes the use of both legal and illegal drugs during the process. And both partners can even be using at the time to varying degrees.

Among the drugs associated with violent situations, researchers most often cite cocaine and meth as the primary culprits. Drugs such as marijuana produce a sedated effect, for the most part, meaning that aggression is not necessarily associated with the high.

All Florida criminal defense lawyers who handle domestic violence crimes understand the complications involved with each case, but the underlying themes are almost always there. And these themes will consistently include drug or alcohol use when case facts are evaluated.



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