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“Smart Justice” news

Residents of the Orlando area might want to learn more about what “Smart Justice” is and how it affects incarceration in Florida. There have been calls for a more innovative approach, such as used for treating low-level criminals in Miami-Dade County.

Evidenced based treatment works

According to the Daytona Beach News Journal, prison admission rates reveal that taxpayers are paying $55 per day for each prisoner housed in the system. “Miami-Style Smart Justice” may be a wise choice for Florida; it reduces incarceration while treating addiction, which is a major source of criminal activity.

Evidence-based treatment that looks at the outcome is a wise choice for the state and a way to save costs in the long run. This treatment produces the following results:

  • Makes the public safer
  • Opens more prison space for those convicted of violent crimes
  • Minimizes harmful consequences
  • Saves taxpayer dollars
  • Programs available

Included in the available programs are post-arrest diversion programs, multiple treatment court programs and post-conviction services like the Second Chance program. Second Chance helps offenders make it easier to clean or seal their records, which is usually an involved process best handled by someone versed in criminal law.

Non-violent offenders benefit as well as the public

Those who were once addicted are allowed to return to their families after treatment. They may then become contributing members of society. A therapeutic drug court has proved to be successful given that mental health courts and veteran courts are part of incarceration management programs.

According to media reports, being smart about crime may be a better choice than being tough on crime when it comes to non-violent offenders. If you need defense or have a legal question, it may be wise to consult an attorney experienced in criminal law and the court programs available in your area.



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