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Reviewing the prevalence of domestic violence charges in Florida

Whether your current partner is accusing you of domestic violence or your ex has accused you of abuse, you need to understand what is at stake. Regrettably, some people find themselves in this position as a result of false allegations.

It is helpful to go over statistics on domestic violence charges in order to understand how widespread these cases are. Many people find themselves behind bars and unable to spend time with their children as a result of lies.

Statistics on domestic violence arrests

According to the Florida Department of Children and Families, authorities took more than 66,000 people into custody in Florida as a result of domestic violence allegations during 2019. Moreover, authorities in Florida received more than 105,000 reports of domestic violence during 2019.

Although these statistics shed light on the number of domestic violence reports and arrests, they do not reveal how many people are falsely accused of this offense. Sometimes, people try to exact revenge or win a custody battle by lying to authorities and falsely accusing their ex of abuse.

The impact of domestic violence charges

Aside from high levels of stress, depression, financial challenges and difficulty standing up for their legal rights, those arrested as a result of false domestic violence accusations face other hardships. For example, some could lose their job or lose the ability to find employment in a certain field later on.

Moreover, if accused of domestic violence, you could sustain permanent damage to your reputation, even if you are able to prove your innocence. Gather as much evidence as possible and thoroughly go over all of your options if you are dealing with this firsthand.



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