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The swift consequences of domestic violence allegations

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Criminal Law

The courts consider domestic violence a serious crime. When accused of abuse or violence in the family, the claim can have both short-term and long-lasting consequences.

Abuse allegations are life-changing, often with these severe, immediate impacts.

Domestic violence accusations

It does not take a conviction to see either civil or criminal consequences in the wake of domestic violence allegations. The courts take certain measures to establish boundaries and ensure safety through an active investigation and before a final hearing, including:

  • No contact or restraining orders with members of the family
  • Presumption for custody, which may impact child custody decisions
  • Exclusion from the family residence
  • Social isolation or exile
  • Significant financial and emotional strain on all involved

In some cases, domestic abuse hearings only allow the accused to respond to or compile a case within a matter of weeks. In criminal domestic violence cases, the assumed victim cannot drop the charges on his or her own, as the state and prosecutor hold that power.

Legal procedure

Domestic violence cases in Florida are in the public record, meaning friends, family, coworkers and employers may view the documentation. If there is an arrest, but no official charges, expungement is possible.

A conviction of domestic violence may result in a loss of employment, jail time, fines, a loss of custody or visitation, probation, court-mandated counseling, supervised visits with children and a public criminal record. It is important to take caution and cooperate with knowledgeable legal professionals when facing allegations to ensure as fair and just a process as possible.