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How can a DUI affect your mental health?

If you get arrested for drinking and driving, you could face serious consequences. Some of these could include the loss of your driving privileges, the requirement to spend time in jail and the requirement to pay a significant fine.

If a law enforcement official pulls you over for DUI and your blood alcohol content level is at or above 0.08%, you could face these penalties and others, states Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. These penalties and the criminal process can take a toll on your mental health, but there are strategies that can help you cope with what lies ahead.

Stressors on your mental health

Depending on the circumstances of the arrest, you could need to pay a fine that ranges anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, which may lead to financial worries. You may also worry about maintaining your independence if you face license suspension or revocation and start to experience feelings of anxiety and depression as you share the news of the DUI with friends, family members and coworkers.

How to cope

Although the DUI process may feel like it is taking over your life, remember that the situation is temporary. Stay physically healthy by eating right and exercising to protect your mental health, rely on your support system as much as you can and try to stay away from alcohol as a way of coping with your emotions.

Learning more about the DUI process can also help you feel more prepared and confident. Do your research and rely on professional sources of information as you prepare for upcoming court dates.



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