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How often do false accusations occur?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious accusation. According to Florida Statutes, the minimum jail time for a first-time offender that causes bodily harm is ten days. Additionally, other penalties may apply.

A domestic violence charge could alter your life forever. Unfortunately, a percentage of people falsely accuse their partners of abuse. Domestic violence is a problem in the United States, but someone charged with domestic abuse still deserves due process.

Female abusers and false accusations

George Mason University conducted a study on false allegations of domestic violence. They found that women who physically attack their male partners also threaten to make false accusations 73 percent of the time. 56 percent of these women followed through on their threats and falsely accused their partners. George Mason University estimates if no female-perpetrated violence occurs, less than one percent of the male population experiences a false allegation.

Public opinion toward the accused

Police, public opinion and other legal authorities tend to side with women on domestic violence issues. However, female abusers are just as capable of using manipulation, threats and violence as male abusers. Though, in theory, everyone charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty, public sentiment impacts individuals charged with domestic violence. Besides the emotional toll, false accusations cost money and might limit future career opportunities.

A significant part of the population experiences abuse from their partner. False accusations make up a small percentage of domestic violence charges. However, when you receive a false allegation, the small percentages work against you in terms of public and legal sentiment. Do not take threats of false accusations lightly.