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How do I get my arrest report from the Orlando Police Department?

When the Orlando Police Department arrests you, you can handle your case yourself. However, to do this, you need your arrest report.

Generally, to do this, you will need to follow these steps to request your report online.

Make sure that is all you need

There are a few types of OPD records you can request online. These are public records, so you will have no trouble requesting them. The following types of records are the ones that you can request online:

  • CAD reports
  • Arrest reports
  • Case reports

Traffic crash reports are also available online, but anything else you must request in person.

Gather your identifying details

The more information you have about your arrest report, the easier the county will be able to find it. Make sure that you have the date the OPD arrested you, your case number, keywords about what happened, your name and where police arrested you.

Submit your request

All you have to do is submit your request online. You will enter the above information into an online form to do so.

Look for your confirmation

Within a few business days, you should receive an email with your confirmation number. This email should also contain the amount of money you owe for the record.

Make your payment

When there are fees, you will have to make a payment in person or via the mail. You make your business check out to the City of Orlando. The city does not accept personal checks or cash. You must mail a money order or business check.

Once you have gone through these steps, you will receive your arrest report by mail. Then, you have a better chance of successfully defending yourself in court.



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