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Will theft prevent you from passing a background check?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2023 | Theft

Employers perform background checks to verify that you have provided honest information about your life. Some employers conduct these checks as an in-house protocol while others comply because of the law.

A criminal record for something like theft might prevent you from passing these checks. However, knowing how to respond may mitigate some of the negative repercussions of your situation.

Factors of a background check

Background checks cover a variety of topics that could make a difference in how trustworthy you are. According to, some topics a background check might cover include the following:

  • Criminal involvement
  • Drug test records
  • Employment history
  • Verification of your Social Security

When your check shows theft charges, some employers might have skepticism about whether they can trust you, especially if your job will involve handling sensitive or confidential information.

Responding to suspicion

While you cannot control how people respond to the information from your background check, you can control how you present yourself during an interview. If asked about your past, answer questions honestly. Help the interviewer see how you have changed and tell them some of the lessons you have learned from your experiences.

There are still a lot of employers who hire people with a criminal past. Your diligence can make a difference in your ability to secure a job.  A theft charge does not have to be the reason you hand over your career. You might not have your dream job right away, but finding something stable and increasing your skills over time will help you achieve success.