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Driver license suspension for Drug Charges

In Florida someone convicted of a drug charge can lose their license for a period of 2 years through the court and or DMHSV.   This is viewed as an harsh consequence by many in the legal justice system. The DHSMV can suspend your license even if the Judge does not order it as a part of a sentence.  

There are ways around this drivers license suspension and one is to avoid a conviction on a case by getting into a pre-trial diversion program or getting a Judge to keep the conviction off your record.  

Even a misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana charge that you may not think is serious will suspend your license for 2 years if you are convicted.   This is why it is important to always get an attorney to handle your case and make sure that everything is done properly.

Additionally a Drug conviction can prevent you from getting federal aid for college and other federal programs. 



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