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Orlando drug bust leads to arrest of 19

On Behalf of | May 30, 2013 | Drug Crimes

Drug arrests occur each day in the Orlando. While it is common to hear or read about one or two people being arrested at the same time, on occasion, larger groups of people are taken into custody at the same time. Last month a total of 19 individuals were arrested at the same time. Those people have been accused of being involved in a drug ring.

More than one type of drug was reportedly involved in the alleged drug ring. In addition to being accused of selling marijuana, the group was allegedly also involved in selling pills for a profit. The people arrested in connection with the alleged drug crime are many different ages. In addition to people in their early twenties, an 81-year-old grandfather was also busted in the sweep.

The arrests came on the heels of an investigation that stretched out over the course of six months. As a part of that investigation, while undercover, police officers reportedly successfully purchased drugs from the individuals. It is believed that the marijuana the group was selling was transported from California.

At this point relatives of the grandfather claim that he is not involved. How the case will unfold remains to be seen and will likely depend, in large part, on the information gathered during the investigation. When so many people are arrested at the same time it is possible that some were included in the bust accidentally. Should this be the case, if prosecuted the case will ultimately look a lot different.

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