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Vanpool driver hit with 3 charges after Orange County crash

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2014 | Drivers License Suspension And Revocation

As has been noted in previous posts, the mere fact of being arrested on drunk driving charges in Orange or Seminole Counties can result in a loss of your driving privileges.

The citation for driving under the influence means that the defendant’s license is suspended except for hardship situations. It also starts a clock, giving the individual 10 days to get scheduled for a hearing to contest the suspension.

This is likely something that is top of mind for a 26-year-old man right now after a recent incident in Pine Hills that left several people injured. 

The Florida Highway Patrol reports that the man was driving a Lynx-administered Vanpool vehicle on the afternoon of Dec. 30 when he was involved in an accident. Officials say he ran a red light and struck another vehicle with the right of way. The force of the crash sent the Vanpool SUV careening into a nearby restaurant. The driver of the other car and several restaurant patrons were hurt.

As a result of the crash, the man has been cited for failing to obey a traffic-control device, driving under the influence causing serious injury and driving with a suspended license.

That last charge raises some questions. It’s not clear from the news reports how it is that the defendant came to be under suspension in the first place. According to Lynx officials, the background check that was done on the man when he applied for participation in the Vanpool program showed he had a valid license.

Considering that his license was already under apparent suspension, the circumstances of this accident only serve to make this case more complicated and reinforce the benefits of working with experienced legal counsel to protect one’s rights.

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