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Disorderly Conduct leads to child being hit

I doubt people wake up in the morning and wonder how they will get arrest today. Yet, time after time, people get arrested under the strangest circumstances.

Over in Lake County, FL deputies arrested a woman who they say got into a scuffle with a store manager in the Mount Dora area. This aggressive woman knocked over merchandise and accidentally hit a child as the argument continued outside.

She took a swing at the manager, but missed wildly and struck a 7 year-old in the face. Not sure if this is a crime scene or something out of a Will Ferrell movie.

She was arrested and charged with simple battery and disorderly conduct.

To show how quickly (and insanely) certain events can escalate…

This woman demanded that the manager of the store convert a jar of coins into cash. When the manager refused, deputies say the woman pushed over items and left the store. The manager said he followed he outside and asked someone to call police. That’s when she tried to hit the manager, while also verbally threatening to kill the manager.

She will be in desperate need of a defense lawyer to smooth this out. “Disorderly Conduct” has a pretty wide interpretation. You have to take into account if the defendant used profane language, engaged in physical violence and/or destroyed public property. It all comes down to what witnesses deem as a lack of public morals. 

The bright side in a case such as this, is the possibility that one of the witnesses may have seen the event in a completely different way. 



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