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Prescription Drugs are taken for granted

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2014 | Drug Crimes

Prescription drug use has become second nature in our society. Even when someone is abusing them, that person never feels like they are committing a crime. After all, a pharmacist is not a “drug dealer”.

In Florida, prosecutors punish these types of “drug crimes” to the fullest extent. You need an attorney who has dealt with hundreds of these criminal cases. Just being caught illegally with one measly pill is enough to land you in jail.

People who innocently use prescription medicine can take one too many when behind the wheel or may get caught with enough pills to be accused of illegal possession of pharmaceutical drugs.

Obviously, the one name you hear on the news nightly when it involves arrests for these types of drugs is Oxycontin. Many of the people arrested are non-violent offenders with no criminal history. They are people who aren’t addicts or drug dealers. There have been arrests of people who have only one pill on them; either they took one from a friend or even forgot they were still in possession of the pill; yet that will never stop a cop from making a “drug bust”.

How can you combat this unjust charge?

Perhaps the search by the authorities was conducted illegally or maybe when you were stopped there was never enough evidence to have pulled you over in the first place. It’s critical for every aspect of the arrest to be searched over thoroughly.

It’s sad that some of our everyday habits, like taking prescription meds, can be used against us in a court of law. 



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