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The Serious Nature of a Drug Charge

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2014 | Drug Crimes

What could be worse than forgetting you left a $50 bill? How about having it lead to you being arrested for possession of drugs?

Early yesterday morning a woman accidental left $50 on a gas station counter. When a deputy wanted to play good Samaritan, by running out to give her money back, he was in for quite a shock.

This woman was in possession of heroin and hypodermic needles. The deputy found all of this in her car, not to mention the woman was driving with a suspended license. 

Talk about things not going her way on this day.

To make matters worse, the woman tried to flee the scene. She led authorities on a high speed chase, until her car stopped after she drove over a business’ tire spikes. 

The details of this case make it seem as if it’s unwinnable, but as a defense attorney you have to search for any shred of innocence. 

Was the arrest made properly? Were Constitutional rights violated in any way? In this woman’s case it will be interesting to hear how exactly the deputy “caught” her with heroin and needles. I think we have all found someone’s wallet and/or belongings on the ground and immediately looked to see if the person who dropped it was still around. Let’s say you found that person getting into their car. Do you take a good long look into that person’s car as you hand back their belongings?

It will be important to find found out what exactly tipped off this deputy. Were the drugs right there in plain view? Was it the woman’s behavior that made this deputy suspicious? 

Drug charges are a very serious offense, so all questions must be answered clearly. 



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